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I need somebody ...

I feel so alone in the world ... today was thanksgiving and I was excluded from the family ... no one cares if I'm there or not ... I stayed in my room because I'm the disgrace of the family! I hate my family and my life ... I need someone to take me away from here to show me the world and teach me how to feel ... I want to be loved but that seem so hard to come by now a days ... thanks world for seeming so far away but knowing your too close to not touch

i hate thanksgiving...

I wake up ready but feel extremely crappy instead ... I try to help but I'm too "slow" for my mother ... we fight anf I leave to my room ... I decide to hide under my covers all night with nothing to eat ... fudge my life

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I need somebody ..., posted November 23rd, 2012, 1 comment
i hate thanksgiving..., posted November 22nd, 2012

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